Friday, 30 July 2010

The glorious crater! 3km to walk around.

Gotenba Beer Hall!

A beerhall in Japan! They brew their own German-style beers here and it's very tasty! (Schwarzbier, Weizen, Weizenbock, Pils)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

On Top Of Japan!

This as high as it goes, a few meters above the official 3776 meters (on a weather station structure). You can see right down to sea level in places.

Fuji - near the crater

It's only 3 kilometers around the crater but with the thin air and exhaustion I found it the hardest part of the trip.

Fuji - The Crater

3700 meters!

The mountain is best described as otherwordly. There is a great variety of rocks, colors and shapes here.

Fuji san - Near the crater

Fuji san, nearer the top

Fuji - Subashiri Trail

Near station six of subashiri trail.